B3 Group and installation works at Nike

B3 Group and installation works at Nike

“B3 Group” had developed the project documentation of engineering systems the NIKE store as per contract, which was concluded on the following sections:

 - Power supply and electric lighting systems

- Low current systems

- Safety systems

- Water supply and sanitation systems

- Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

- Automatic fire alarm system

- Emergency voice alarm communication system

- Structured cable system

- Dispatching control (automatic accounting visitors)

At that moment “B3 Group” is executing installation and construction works on object:

  • Installation and construction works of Automatic Fire alarm system


Outlet Village Pulkovo is the first shopping mall of  Outlet  international standard in St. Petersburg.

The architecture of the complex is inspired by classic European and Russian styles. It will be looked like cozy town in the open air, with its picturesque squares and streets.

The Outlet Village Pulkovo will feature the brand of luxe and premium, casual brands, sports clothing and household goods with discount from 30% to 70% throughout the year.

Free parking, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, restaurants and cafes will be nice additions for all shoppers.


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