Successful passing expertise

Successful passing expertise

B3 Group had developed the design documentation of all engineering systems (stage “Project”) for the Patriarchal Metochion and the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in 2015.

Documentation had developed as per contract, which was concluded on the following systems:

 - Power supply and electric lighting systems

- Water supply and sanitation systems

- Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

- Low current systems

- Fire safety measures 

Customer: OOO “FlotStroyService”

General designer: Architectural Bureau “Senab Project"

We are glad to announce that we have successfully passed the Moscow non-state examination of construction projects "MOSEKSPERT" and received a positive opinion on the project documentation.


Currently, wooden chapel is located at place of future construction activities on Lodochnaya Street in front of possession 31. The rest of the land is free from development and engineering services.

Plottage  -  0,395 hectares

The size of the church - 566,0 m2

The size of the clergy of a parish’s house - 710,0 m2

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