Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer of the project



  • Management group of design engineers.
  • Source information gathering.
  • Project planning and the distribution of responsibilities, if necessary, additional new resources.
  • Record keeping, forecasting, surgery of deviation from the project plan.
  • Project management from contract to closing and delivery project to customer
  • Passing the State examination.


  • Education: higher technical education
  • Experience in management of engineering systems of buildings and structures for various purposes.
  • Experience in independent design at least three years.
  • Experience in organizing development of design estimates, tender and other documents necessary for the construction and management of design and survey works, throughout the period of pre-feasibility assessments and calculations of investment, tendering, contracting with the customer, design, construction, commissioning object and development of design capacity.
  • Site supervision.
  • Advanced level of knowledge of software AutoCAD (or MagicCAD, or Revit), Dialux, MS Office.
  • Willingness to business trip.
  • Knowledge of English language will be your advantage.
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