Engineer of automation and dispatching systems


  • Development of design and working documentation for the following topics: thermal mechanical automation solutions (TMAS); automation of ventilation and air conditioning systems (AVAS), complex automation (CA), automation of technology solutions (ATS), automation of smoke removal (ASR).
  • Development and coordination of technical solutions. Support of the project in the State examination.
  • Formalization of  project documentation in accordance with GOST.


  • Education: higher education
  • Experience in design of large objects, protection of design solutions, customer interaction and assembly units.
  • Advanced level of knowledge of software AutoCAD (or MagicCAD, or Revit), Dialux, MS Office.
  • Fluency knowledge of normative base.
  • Knowledge of domestic and foreign equipment.
  • The experience of independent design of  projects "turnkey".
  • Knowledge of rules and regulations and fire safety requirements on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Knowledge of English language will be your advantage.
  • The operational experience must be more than 1 year.
  • Students of specialty “Engineer of electricity supply system” of 4-5 courses would be taken without experience after interview.
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