BD2 busbar trunking system, from 160 A to 1250 A

The BD2 system is designed for currents from 160 A to 1250 A. It is used in large buildings and in all industrial enterprises, where infeed of medium size load is needed. It is also used for infeed of BD01 and CD-K systems. 

Connection tap-off units are protected against wrong connection to the BD2 line. This ensures safe operation for the operating personnel. 
In case of fire, the fire-protection inserts can provide protection against further spread of gases and vapors and prevent the flow of air through the busbar trunking line. 
The functional stability testing showed that in case of fire, critical consumers (for example, emergency lighting system, etc.) will be supplied with electric power for some time. 
With sections of different lengths, sections with different angles of rotation, and flexible junction units, a system is optimally adapted to the building architecture in question. 
Only two standard sizes for series of nine rated currents allow for optimization of stock keeping and simplification of design. 
Really, low fire load can significantly reduce damage caused by fire. 

Main advantages

  • High flexibility
  • Aluminum and copper system up to 1250 A
  • Flexible junction units up to 800A
  • Free installation of additional hardware units
  • Standard three different bus configuration systems
  • Seamless integration into production
  • Communications capabilities of the busbar trunking system for recording of energy consumption, for remote control and for switching, for example – control of lighting systems
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