Projection of engineering systems in the Russian Federation exercises in accordance with the basic governing document of  RF Government Decree of 16.02.2008 N 87 "On the composition of sections of project documentation and requirements to their content."

Approval by the SRO "B3 Group" designs   the following sections:



In the "architectural solutions" submitted original solutions architect, including external, internal appearance of the building, functional, spatial and planning organization. Among the main elements of architectural solutions - Architecture and Art (decisions on project materials that affect the

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That section includes different types of constructions what our company uses during designing projects. We use ferroconcrete constructions (FC) and metal constructions (ML). And also our specialists need to  use constructive solutions for choosing  certain types of structures The basis of constructive

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This section includes information about the production program and the range of products, specifications adopted by the production scheme as a whole and the individual characteristics of the process parameters, the requirements for the organization of production, the data on the complexity of manufacturing

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Engineering Solutions

Engineering systems are essential attribute of the functioning of any modern project: country house, cottage, apartment building, office building or industrial facility. Professionally and competently executed design, installation and regular servicing of any engineering system ensure reliable and efficient

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The standard list of professional services "Group" B3 " for  adaptation  the design documentation includes: Translation and analysis of the technical solutions adopted by foreign design company on stages Concept Design and Detailed Design; Provide advice on compliance with a set of design

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