Wiring accessories

There is a rich assortment of wiring devices today. The wide choice will satisfy even the needs of the most discerning designers.


German company JUNG has been operating in the wiring accessories market since 1912. The company offers a wide range of devices for different purposes in 15 different series. The variety of JUNG design solutions allows for an easy choice of JUNG wiring accessories that best meet one’s needs.


This line of electrical products made of high-quality steel would make any interior exclusive. Thanks to the austere and laconic design, the "noble steel" product series combines harmoniously with any architectural style, at the same time giving an elegant and exquisite accent.





This innovation from JUNG is a line of electrical devices made of pure aluminum. It is appealing with its high functionality and modest elegant design. Thanks to the classic design and laconicism of the contour, Aluminium product series blends perfectly with modern architectural style.




CD universal

CD universal is a series of concealed wiring products made of impact resistant material, designed under CD 500 series. This line enjoys great demand. A particular advantage is that only one additional sealing element is required to obtain an IP44 degree of protection.




Discreet and refined, noble and austere, elegant and harmonious – all these definitions are equally true to the features of the nature of the Gira product design, which combines high fashion with high intellect. The entire huge assortment of products as if drives us to create around us a true comfort, that environment, which is individual for each person and creates the mood and feelings of a person. Prestigious international design awards received reflect the opinion of professionals, recognized throughout the world, and the creative concepts embodied by Gira.

Event series

The design of this series is built on contrast of lines: an arc and a straight line cutting its top. The sharp edges of the keys are designed as if they are drowning in flowing forms of a translucent material. Its palette includes matte shades of green, yellow, orange, red, dark brown, amber, blue and white colors. In total, this series has frames of 11 colors. An opaque plastic material of three colors – white, anthracite, and aluminum – is also used to manufacture them. The central inserts are available in three colors – white, anthracite, and aluminum.

Event is awarded with the "Red Dot" quality symbol.

The series is a structural unit of System 55.




Esprit series

This series is a structural unit of System 55.

Use of natural materials is the conceptual framework of the series. Tinting of the interior with frames made of glass, wood, brass, aluminum and chrome-plated steel for wiring accessories gives special effects.

Specks of light penetrating the space between halls and rooms are reflected in the black glass of frames and give additional distinctiveness to the design of an interior. The light green or white glass is a light accent for a pastel, and perhaps, a contrasting background. The soft blinking of brass "echoes" with the luster of polished metal surfaces on the parts of furniture, lamps and other items.




ClassiX Art series

The luxury, elegance and nobility of materials, and the wide functionality are all incorporated in the new design of the Gira ClassiX series. The appearance of Gira products in the assortment in a classical style can be called a real windfall for those who want to make their home elegant in every way.

The series is specially designed for residents of Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Latvia. The magnificent, perfectly processed materials (bronze and brass), and the refinement of the design in conjunction with current features, will no doubt attract both design and architecture professionals and consumers who value perfect harmony, high comfort and undeniable beauty. A doubtless advantage of the series is the ability to install inside the installation frameworks made of bronze and brass more than 280 different devices with a variety of features, including intelligent devices that are so popular today.



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