The designers of the "B3 Group” are using the following tools of software:

AutoCAD is Automatic Design System. It belongs to a class of programs CAD (Computer Aided Design), which are intended primarily for the development of design documentation: drawings, models of objects, diagrams, and etc.  The program allows you to build 2D and 3D drawings of any complexity and purpose with maximum accuracy.

Revit is software product of Autodesk for design buildings. Revit is based on technology of building information modeling (BIM).

Revit is full-blown solution that combines capabilities of architectural design, design of engineering systems, building constructions, as well as building modeling.

MagiCAD is 3D design program. And it is used for calculations of the internal engineering systems – ventilation, air conditioning, heating, plumbing and electrical systems. The program is a leader in the software market for network design OB / VC. The program contains the following modules: Ventilation, Pipelines, Sprinkler network, Technological schemes, Chamber, Comfort and Energy, Power supply, Electrical circuits. As a graphics platform, MagiCAD uses  AutoCAD or Revit MEP. Currently, to purchase a complete solution MagiCAD Suite is possible, which includes MagiCAD for AutoCAD and MagiCAD for Revit MEP.

DIALux is powerful computer program for the calculation and design of artificial illumination. This software is developed in 1994 by DIAL (Deutche Institut fur Angewandte Lichttechnik). This company is represented by the German Institute for Applied lighting. The program for the calculation of lighting is distributed for free of charge and, in turn, can use any data of technical lighting equipment from different manufacturers. Manufacturers have electronic databases of manufactured illuminating lamps, supported by the system DIALux (a program for calculating the lighting).

DDECAD is program allowing you to build a multi-level scheme of power supply, based on Excel spreadsheet. The tables are linked, allowing you to make and display changes in the whole scheme of power supply.  Enough to change only once, for example, in the calculation of the final table of the shield, and the program will recalculate power, currents and other parameters at higher levels, and main switchboard.

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